MCO Malaysia – PKP Malaysia – Covid -19

PKP Malaysia

Pandemic in Malaysia had enforced all of the concerned parties to follow the Covid-19 protocols for the sake of the safety and wellness of the citizens. Facing the huge challenges from Covid-19 pandemic, the Malaysian government decided to conduct the most appropriate measure called MCO Malaysia – Movement Control Order or PKP Malaysia (Perintah Kendali Pergerakan). Both PKP Malaysia and MCO Malaysia are on the same terms.

Based on the current pandemic situation, the Malaysian Government has decided to implement the MCO Malaysia from time to time.

At the current time, there are 231,483 Covid-19 cases in total. 48,771 were hospitalized, 1881,886 managed to recover, and there were 826 deaths.

Since there were no significant changes happening before February, the Government implemented the PKP Malaysia 2.0 nationwide except Sarawak. This will take place until 18th February 2021 with some adjustments and settings for supporting the micro economy. All of the Malaysian territories except Sarawak will be under the MCO 2.0. and for Sarawak, the area is still under the CMCO – Conditional Movement Control Order.

MCO Malaysia

The Ministry of Health had projected the new MCO 2.0 effectivity would be more significant than the later MCO 1.0. as confirmed by the officials, the health authorities would hope to reduce the cases by 80% if the procedures are applied obediently.

As a result, the country border will be closed to limit the foreign travellers from coming into the country. Meanwhile, those who are allowed to enter the country have to show proof of approval from the formal agencies.

Malaysia is also still open for business during the pandemic. It has been confirmed that the government will keep conducting the 6Rs – 6 Phase Economic Recovery Plan for the country’s recovery economy.

By the end of February 2021, the country will be stocking Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to reserve the vaccines for 40% of the population of the country.

Malaysia Covid-19 Rules

Meanwhile, it is also important to note the citizens’ roles in the MCO 2.0 are very important to reduce the cases of Covid-19. All of the involved parties are held responsible to make sure that all of the protocols are done accordingly to manage the pandemic effects and protect the population.

The current measure, the MCO Malaysia will be up until 18th February before continuing by the CMCO – Conditional Movement Control Order. This is working for all areas except Sibu, Kapit, and Song Districts in Sarawak which are under the same measure until 14th and 15th February.

There are also various PKP Malaysia levels conducted by the authorities depending on the areas that are working at the measure. The government has assigned the authorities to enhance the MCO Malaysia intensity in the areas with a high number of cases. Meanwhile, the smaller areas with high numbers of Covid cases will be under the “Targeted Enhanced” PKP Malaysia. That includes the residential places and office buildings.

It is much better to stay home during the MCO since there is no interstate or inter-district travel allowed. The social gathering events will also be seized to take place in order to reduce the growing numbers of the covid-19 cases. For more information, hover over the official page of Malaysian Government at