Cambridge Edexcel IGCSE Past Year Papers

Edexcel IGCSE Past Year Papers

In this blog post, we are talking not only about the Edexcel IGCSE past year papers but the institution itself as an individual unit. For all young students who are attempting the O Levels and A Levels exam anytime soon? The Edexcel IGCSE past year papers are a great support. But what is this all about? Is there more to Edexcel that you should of? Read ahead in this article to find out all you should know about Edexcel, the Edexcel IGCSE past year papers and everything else that concerns it.

What Is Edexcel?

Whilst the names of Oxford and Cambridge have been repeatedly heard over the past any decades – Edexcel remains to be a very recent addition to the list. Edexcel is basically ranked as one of UK’s largest academic testing organization. It is known for being a large scale testing and vocational institution that is largely affiliated with several schools, colleges and higher level institutions throughout the UK.

Brief History of Edexcel

Edexcel comes with its own fair share of history too. It was founded in the year 1996. The foundation that was laid for the Edexcel institute was basically an outcome of the successful collaboration of the reputable University of London and the Business/Technology education councils. Both these institutions hold the stance of being one of the biggest vocational service providers all throughout the United Kingdom. The merger of both the institutions consequently resulted in the formation of Edexcel. It has went on to become one of the biggest board of examinations for GCSE i.e. O Levels and A levels examinations. It is not only assessing students of the UK now but is also involved in vocationally marking students from all around the world who undertake the GCSE exams.

How Edexcel Differs from Cambridge?

There is not much difference between Edexcel and Cambridge. Both are boards of examinations of the United Kingdom.

  • Both are involved in assessing and marking the GCSE exams for potential candidates.
  • Both institutions are of global caliber and international acclamation.
  • The marking and assessment for GCSE exams by both boards are considered to be 100% equal and fair.
  • The weightage for both board results is the same as well.

The differences between both the board of institutions is definitely not easy to spot as there are not many! The only thing that can be highlighted to be different for both is the fact that both institutes are separate entities.

How Are The Edexcel IGCSE Past Year Papers Helpful?

There is always a general speculation about how the Edexcel IGCSE past year papers are helpful for the young students who are preparing for their examinations. Here is a quick roundup of every way in which these past papers are not only a great source of help for students but also benefit them in the long running.

  • The help students get an insight of the past papers and prepare according to the most commonly repeated questions/topics/courses.
  • It guides students through the most favorite to least favorite exam questions of the examiners.
  • It is helpful to develop a basic understanding of the students for the exam patterns.