Malaysia IGCSE Home Tutor

IGCSE Home Tutor Malaysia

Home tutoring has become a major trend in not only Malaysia but all around the world for GCSE students. In fact, a common belief is that no O-levels or A-levels examination can be cleared without the assistance of an IGCSE home tutor. With the dependency of students on an IGCSE home tutor so evident – it is important to highlight the main reasons why hiring a home tutor is a good and mandatory thing to do for GCSE students, particularly in Malaysia.

1. Guidance Through the Course Work

The basic role a home tutor will play in your life is to guide you through the course work. This is the one thing you need dire help with and the tutor makes sure to make things easier to understand for you. Guidance is the fundamental job of the tutor.

2. Basic Understanding of Paper Patterns

If you are attempting the GCSE exams for the first time – you will be as alien to the format of the paper as you are to the course work. It is important to realize that formats and paper patterns are essentially critical for all GCSE exams. The examiners are particularly keen on assessing a student based on the pattern he or she follows in exam.

3. Practice Makes A Man Perfect

Ever heard about the famous proverb that practice makes a man perfect? Well, it is certainly true in this case. Practicing what you learn will definitely get everything on your fingertips by the time your exams approach nearer. A home tutor will make sure to test your aptitude (and patience too) till the time comes. It might sound daunting at the time but it is definitely very reassuring and supportive when the actual exam day arrives.

4. IGCSE Home Tutor Impart Discipline in Routine

Students in general lack the basic discipline that is required to be a good student or perform well in exams. A home tutor will be like an added pressure or work load on your shoulder. You will have to follow up with the routine of your tutor – willingly or unwillingly.

5. Gives You Basic Confidence and Reassurance

GCSE students are in most cases well-prepared for the exams but still end up performing so badly because of a nervous breakdown or lack of self-confidence when solving the exam paper. A home tutor will be able to boost your confidence levels and reassure you that you will get through if you really drive towards it.

6. Help With The Past Papers

Even if you have mastered the course work and know all your topics by heart (which is not possible but hypothetically speaking) – you can still fail to solve most part of the past papers. This can lead you to a state of panic, as it should! However, the truth is that that GCSE examiners are known for assessing students on 40% course work and 60% competency and knowledge. The IGCSE home tutor helps you master the skill of attempting the past papers.