Cambridge A Level AQA Past Year Papers

Why You need to Prepare Cambridge A Level AQA test?

Ahead of the Cambridge A Level Examination (CIE A Level), which usually takes place in October November, students from various international schools using the Cambridge curriculum are very busy. They take the International School exam held by Cambridge University UK (United Kingdom), which is conducted simultaneously throughout the world, which is usually held every October-November and May-June with the same question material in all cities in the world, although there are variants question variant. There are many levels in examination, and here we will discuss about Cambridge A Level AQA Past Year Papers.

What is Cambridge A Level AQA?

Cambridge A Level stands for Cambridge Advance Level Program. In the Cambridge A Level Program, exams are usually conducted for a month, or even more. 1 Subject/subjects will take several weeks because there are several papers that students must follow. Take, for example, students who want an A Level Examination test with Subject Chemistry, and then there are three papers that must be followed, for example paper 1, paper 3, and paper 5. Usually paper 1, about multiple-choice questions, and relatively easy. For paper 3, the level is more difficult, and the problem is the question of contents. Whereas paper 5 is usually more difficult and takes the form of a practical exam.

However, the overall difficulty level or average can be called a very difficult test. So it’s not surprising, at the time of 4 months before this test, children who take the Cambridge A Level Examination in droves join the Les A Level or Les Cambridge A Level programs, especially those in international schools. That is why you must need preparation like getting the Cambridge A Level AQA Past Year Papers. Why do students need the past year papers? Because this is needed to make standardization with the teachings received by students in schools, with actual International standards. Usually we find a lot of shortages of international school students/International School not because of students who are stupid, but the teaching skills of teachers in schools not by Cambridge standards actually. The possibility of teachers teaching experience / low experience hours, lack of training gained, educational background and working background that could be the reason why it is so hard for student to adapt in A level in Curriculum of Cambridge.

It is before a lot of the growth of various International Schools, but then there have been more qualified teachers that can be so adaptive to the international curriculum. However, getting the material and exercise from school is not enough and that is why many students tend to work harder at home because they want to get the best result in the examination and it is common to find Cambridge A Level AQA Past Year Papers, there have been many subjects to get and you can do the exercise without worrying about the test as long as you have got enough of doing pre-test and you can be chilling when you do the test. Download all the papers and learn many things there.