Knowing More about CIE A Level Topical Past Year Papers

CIE A Level Topical Past Year Papers

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is not for profit organization and it is held by Cambridge University. This is an examination for international high school students around the world. There are 55 subjects on it and they are spread into nine main categories. You can choose any subject freely based on your interest. CIE consists of two aspects. They are Advanced levels (A) levels and GCSE or IGCSE ( the General Certificate of Secondary Education). GCSE or IGCSE is the first step you should take in year 11. You will take five to six subjects and the result will decide whether you can prepare the top grade in A levels.

Get the Top Grade on the Following Year by CIE A Level Topical Past Year Papers

In year 12 and 13, you meet two kinds of A levels. They are AS ( Advanced Subsidiary) and A2. Both of them influence you last A-level marks. In A-level, you only have to get three to four A level. Well, it is harder than GCSE. Remember if the university will not accept you if you only finish the AS courses because you have to finish the whole A levels.

Since it is hard to finish the whole A levels course, it is suggested to divide A2 and AS into 180 hours for each of them. It is because of the content to learn is broad. You should learn all of them quickly. Learning a lot and do it quickly are not a piece of cake to deal with. Therefore, getting CIE A Level Topical Past Year Papers will be very helpful. It helps you to learn efficiently and focus. You just have to learn about the probability topic that is shown in the exam.

Getting CIE A Level Topical Past Year Papers is not difficult to do because some trusted websites offer it for you. Do as many papers as you can and drill yourself on it. The exam will be in June and September. It depends on your region. Some techniques to help you study well are:
– decide one specific subject you desire and focus to learn on it.
– if you are not sure about your subject, you may have some courses. The better one shows your passion.
– check the requirement of university your desire. Try to choose the supported course to help you enter the university.

The number and the type of papers depend on the subject you have chosen. Language papers, multiple choices, and essay might be on your paper. The grade scale is from 0 to 100%. If the exam is harder than the course you took, your grade will be graded up. The minimum passing standard for A-level is 40%-49% which is E. The final grade is the result of both A2 and AS which should be taken 50:50. Therefore, to get A, you have to get 80%-100% in both A2 and AS. You can get the best A level in the country or in the world that influences the university submission.