Stop The Debate! Cambridge ICGSE is Equivalent to Malaysia SPM

Cambridge ICGSE | Malaysia SPM

There is tough debate when we have come to ICGSE and SPM. There is no need like fighting to defend one of them. They are equal. Some of malaysians are too busy talking the pros and cons of ICGSE and SPM and they forget to choose one of them and work for the examination. As we know that ICGSE has been recognized as the most prestigious examination that could be done to enhance the quality of education of every student. The students take the ICGSE examination to get more recognized. It is not easy when you need to define which examination that could be great for malaysian students. When it has come to recognition content, it should not be where your score from, but it should be how high your score is. People use to exaggerate the recognition by the name of the examination and they ignore the score. The most important thing of it. Before you waste your time to have a debate on that, we give you basic difference between ICGSE and SPM.

The difference between Cambridge ICGSE and Malaysia SPM

The first major difference is of course the price. We all know that SPM is lot cheaper than ICGSE. The fee of it could cover the all SPM tests. The quality of ICGSE’s teaching is better, but it all depends on how the the teachers teach the students. It is all about how the student will absorb the lesson. When the students could get the lesson well, then there is no doubt for them to get excellent score. Another difference between ICGSE and SPM is the subject. In ICGSE, you could pick the subjects that you are interested in, but in SPM, you need to take comulsory subject like BM and history. We might be able to call that ICGSE is more flexible because you don’t need to take the subjects that you are not keen on to that. First rule in ICGSE is that students should like the subject first. The next difference is the difficulty. SPM is 100% more difficult than ICGSE. As we all know that the syllabus of ICGSE is not as deep as SPM. In ICGSE, the duration is shorter and you might be able to graduate from senior high scool in 16. The last is recognition. There is no need to compare the term of recognition between them. Cambridge ICGSE is equivalent to Malaysia SPM. There is nothing like one is more recognized better and the other is not.